Destination: Seattle, Washington

I live in Washington, and I love Seattle! Here is a list of my top 10 places that I have visited, and loved. There is so much to do in Washington, and not enough time. Hopefully you will find this list helpful of places to go and things to do! Enjoy.


  1. Space Needle – This is what most people think of when they think of Seattle! The iconic landmark. There is an observation deck and also a rotating restaurant at the top! Hours: 8AM – 12AM All Days of the Week. (Times may vary depending on holidays)  Prices may vary depending on your party size, and whether or not you want to eat at the restaurant at the top. People of all ages can come here! Website Link:
  2. Pike Place Market – Pike Place Market is a really big farmer’s market overlooking Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle. There are a lot of vendors, music, and don’t forget to stop and look at the famous fish market where they throw fish! Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9AM – 6PM; Sundays: 9AM – 5PM. (Times may vary depending on holidays) Prices: Free People of all ages may go to the market, but it is very crowded. Website Link:
  3. Woodland Park Zoo – It is a wonderful zoo located in Seattle with lots of animals, carousel and also hosts some summer concerts! Hours: 9:30AM – 6PM All Days of the Week (Times may vary depending on holidays). Good for all ages. Website Link:
  4. Pacific Science Center – The three arches that you see under the Space Needle, belong to this wonderful place! You can see exhibits, watch the IMAX movies, and see the different displays that are constantly changing! Hours: 10AM – 6PM All Days of the Week (Times may vary depending on holidays) Good for all ages. Website Link:
  5. Seattle Great Wheel – If you love Ferris wheels, then you will love this! This giant Ferris wheel has a height of 175 feet, and it is the tallest wheel  on the west coast in the United States. It is located on Pier 57 on Elliott Bay. Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 10AM – 11PM, Friday & Saturday: 10AM – 12 AM (Hours may vary depending on holidays) Good for people who aren’t afraid of heights, and who don’t have problems breathing. Website Link:
  6. Seattle Public Library – This amazing library has so many cool rooms, and it shows the history of Seattle, and how it came to be. Hours: Monday – Thursday: 10AM – 8PM, Friday – Sunday: 10AM – 6PM Website Link:
  7. Seattle Aquarium – Wonderful public aquarium good for all ages. Hours: 9:30AM – 5PM All Days of the Week. (Hours may vary depending on holidays). Website Link:
  8. Duck Tours – Duck Tours do land and boat tours, see all of Seattle! Website Link:
  9. The Gum Wall – The famous brick wall in Seattle covered in used chewing gum. It is located in Post Alley under Pike Place Market. Good for all ages. Hours: 24 Hours A Day
  10. Museum of Pop Culture – Step back in time, and explore popular music, science fiction and pop culture! There are a lot of different rooms, each with a different theme to it. Hours: 10AM – 5PM All Days of the Week. Good for all ages. Website Link: 

College Orientation Tips

I went to my college orientation and I hope that some of these tips come in handy for other people who might be wondering what to expect.

Notes: I will be a freshman at Washington State University, and I will be at the Pullman campus. I went in the beginning of June!


  1. Bring lots of layers. When I went to my orientation session, the weather was constantly changing. I’d suggest bringing 1-2 long sleeved shirts, some jeans, shorts, t-shirts, a hoodie or sweatshirt and GOOD WALKING SHOES!!
  2. Bring shower shoes and a robe. For me personally I just found it easier wearing a robe so I didn’t have to carry a lot of extra clothes with me in the shower. I could just bring my soap, towel and robe and wear my robe back to my room and change there.
  3. Research classes you need/want to take ahead of time. They do not spend a lot of time prepping you for the actual registration process, and so if you research the classes you want to take for your major ahead of time, it will help you be more prepared, and you will know what to expect.
  4. Be open and talk to people. Every person I talked to was very kind and helpful. Remember that everyone is nervous at first, but if you’re open you will have no problem making friends.
  5. Ask LOTS of questions. People are there to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask your questions. Take advantage of your resources, remember that these people are here for YOUR benefit, not theirs.
  6. Take notes.
  7. Bring a small day pack to carry things in. You will get a lot of free stuff, and having a backpack or purse with you will make it easier to carry thing with you. I would also carry a water bottle, and some snacks with you. There is a lot of walking, so you need to stay hydrated.
  8. Most importantly, be optimistic, and HAVE FUN!!

I hope this information helped you guys!!

High School Bucket List 100 Things to do:

  1. Skip school with your best friend for a day
  2. Start exercising
  3. Go to Prom
  4. Try a new club
  5. Clean up your social media
  6. Senior prank!!
  7. Make amends with some people you may have had bad relationships with
  8. Thank the custodial staff for everything that they do for the school
  9. Tell your teachers how they have impacted your life
  10. Stand up for yourself
  11. Apologize to someone you treated poorly
  12. Tell a crush you like them
  13. Print out photos you took, and put them in a photo album
  14. Take a video walking in the halls
  15. Write a list of all the songs you’ve listened to that year
  16. Make a plan for the summer
  17. Be proud of yourself
  18. Travel to a place you’ve never been to
  19. Go on a mission trip
  20. Cook dinner for a family
  21. Throw a graduation party
  22. Copy down all of your account usernames and passwords and keep them in a safe place
  23. Start saving every $5.00 you have, and keep them in a safe place
  24. Clean out your closet of old clothes you don’t need anymore
  25. Read a good book
  26. Write a thank you note to a teacher who has impacted you the most in your high school career
  27. Give a speech
  28. Plan healthy meal plans for college
  29. Write an exercise plan
  30. Write a letter to yourself, and read it in 10 years
  31. Research buying a computer
  32. Take a first aid class
  33. Take photographs of your friends, and the places you visited throughout high school
  34. Send a letter to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time
  35. Learn how to ask for help
  36. Register to Vote
  37. Learn what an electric bill is, and how to pay it
  38. Make a playlist of your favorite songs
  39. Create a memory jar
  40. Take a self defense class
  41. Learn basic car maintenance
  42. Research cell phone plans, and choose the one that will be the best one for you
  43. Turn off your phone for an hour a day, then the next day, turn it off for 2 hours
  44. Hang out with friends without a cell phone
  45. Write a song
  46. Get straight A’s
  47. Go to the beach with friends, and have a picnic
  48. Go to a concert
  49. Wear a dress to school
  50. Volunteer at a hospital of nursing home
  51. Learn an instrument
  52. Make a 100 page photography portfolio
  53. Meet a drag queen
  54. Design a poster for a band
  55. Donate money to your organization or charity of your choice
  56. Make a t-shirt
  57. Go to the store with a friend at 1 in the morning
  58. Give 50 people free hugs
  59. Meet someone with the same last name
  60. Be a giraffe for the day
  61. Get into someone’s car, and start talking to them about your favorite sports team
  62. Write a memoir
  63. Yell “stranger danger” when someone gets into an elevator with you
  64. Spend time with your family
  65. Stay awake for 50 hours straight
  66. Go to a high school party
  67. Get a job
  68. Make a YouTube channel
  69. Choose a college that you want to get accepted into
  70. Hit someone with a purse
  71. Tell crappy jokes
  72. Try to break into your own house
  73. Climb through your car window
  74. Wear 6 inch heels to a sporting event
  75. Take a good picture with your whole family
  76. Go on a late night drive
  77. Watch the stars
  78. To to a National Park for the day, leave your phones in the car
  79. Go camping with two of your best friends
  80. Spend time with your family
  81. Get contact information from the teachers you want to stay in touch with after high school
  82. Go to an amusement park
  83. Buy a plane ticket, and go to another state in the United States
  84. Go to a bakery you’ve never been to before
  85. Go to a career fair
  86. Participate in a mock interview
  87. Eat food out of a food truck
  88. Drink bubble tea
  89. Play in the snow
  90. Check out a book at the library
  91. Mentor an underclassman
  92. Go to a midnight movie
  93. Go bowling
  94. Give up sweets for a month
  95. Light your own fireworks on the 4th of July
  96. Plan what you want your dorm to look like in college
  97. Attend a color run
  98. Save $500.00 in cash, and put it towards a new car or apartment
  99. Find a boyfriend or girlfriend
  100. Have dinner with all of your friends together


Travel Destinations: Walla Walla

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

 In the summer of 2016, I lived in Walla Walla. When I tell people that I have lived in Walla Walla, they always respond with “Walla Walla? Is that a real place?” As a matter of fact it is. It is located on the boarders of Washington and Oregon. It is known as the ‘Wine Country’. There are vineyards everywhere, and you can see acres of grapevines for miles. I lived there with my aunt for the summer when I was moving back to Washington from Colorado. While I was there I met a lot of new, and interesting people. 

 I loved the feel of a little town. There was a Main Street with a Starbucks and a Bookstore on the corners, and there was an Alder Street with a bank on either side. On bothsides of the street there were cute little restaurants and shops where people came to shop and eat. 

One of my favorite things to do during the day was go to the vineyards. It was absolutely breathtaking once you were there. You could see the mountains in the background and a pale blue sky. When I was there I could smell the wine from the winery and it looked like a painting you’d see out of a museum. The rolling hills were like waves that had no ends to them. 

It is about a 4 and a half hour drive from Seattle to Walla Walla, with no traffic. You go up and over the mountain pass to get there, and you will know once you hit the country side, because it feels like you’re stranded in a field. The buildings and gas stations go away, as trees and mountains replace them. If you are looking for somewhere to go for a long weekend, go to Walla Walla. You won’t regret it! Also stop at Pepperbridge Winery or Amavi Cellars for a wine and food pairing. Put your phone down, and look around you. There are plenty of things to explore out there.